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Shropshire County Council
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Residents have come together to show their disapproval at a proposed through-road near their homes in Morda.

Fears among the residents of Kingfisher Way that the proposed road could be used as a rat-run have led to adults and children alike coming together to stand against the idea.

Signs made by children baring the message “No to the Rat-Run” have been put up along the street, while adults have come together to write to Shropshire Council in an attempt to prevent the road being made.

Lisa Griffiths is a resident in Kingfisher Way, and said she has “huge concerns” about the safety of the children who live there should the road be made.

She said: “We moved to the small cul-de-sac here and knew they were building houses at the time.

“That’s not always ideal, but it’s the way things are in most places.
Shropshire County Council have allowed to open up an through road lane from Weston Lane running past our house.

“We’re hoping Shropshire Council stick to their own policy to avoid making rat-runs.”

Lisa said the residents have come together to show their displeasure with the idea, and fears that if the road is built, it could make it less likely for children to spend time outdoors with their friends.

She added: “Children who live here have made signs with the message ‘Say No to the Rat Run’ on them.

“Ideally, if there is to be a through-route, we want it to be pedestrianised so people are able to walk and cycle through the two housing areas.

“At the moment, for us and our children, it is a safe area where they can play outside with the other children in the area.

“That could all change – we just want safety for the children here.

“On top of that there will be an increase in traffic speed and noise.

“The whole street has signs up and we have written to Shropshire Council as a collective – we are all together in this.

“We all want it to be safe for our lives and especially our children’s lives.”

We, the undersigned ask Shropshire County Council to enforce their own policy and ensure the Kingfisher Way through to Weston Lane be pedestrianised.

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