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Aylesbury Vale District Council
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The proposed development of 700 new dwellings at land to the South of the A421 and East of the A413 in Buckingham.

A planning application has been submitted to Aylesbury Vale District Council for 700 new houses, a commercial estate and a primary school on the farmland opposite The Badgers Estate.

The developers are claiming community support despite not having it.

There is a possibility that the A421 Bypass will become dual-carriageway. How else are they going to deal with potentially an extra 1400 cars trying to get onto the A421 every morning?

When you look at the plans, it isn't immediately clear that they are not individual houses, but blocks of town houses, creating a very high density of population.


It is a totally inappropriate density for the surrounding area. There are only two areas of housing in the area to draw on as models: The Badgers Estate and Benthill. They are proposing to build approximately 85 homes in the same physical space as Benthill has 5 and Badgers has 32.

The Badgers Estate and the new development

The developer's precedents for architectural style are all drawn from the centre of Buckingham not the area they are actually building in. Where is the nearest 3 story building?

They are calling it the "London Road" development, but the main access route will be from A421 which is a very busy road. Making it a dual carriageway will increase traffic noise considerably. Siting such a large development there would make the Badgers exit onto the A421 either a congested crossroads or a large roundabout over a dual carriageway.

They are claiming there will be minimal traffic impact on the local area or the centre of town because they think people will largely walk to their destinations within Buckingham, completely un-realistic.

Another important point is that the rise in Buckingam's population (potentially 15%) will increase competition for the small number of school places left in Town, leaving many families having to drive their children to schools some distance away.

The Buckingham plan has always instructed that no residential development be situated outside of the bypass for a good reason. The developers knew that the old Buckingham plan will be replaced soon, and have used this opportunity to try and slip this application in. The Buckingham Council are against the plans, but AVDC could decide over their heads.

At the moment the developers have very few written objections, they claim to have majority support, based on this. AVDC have to take into account every written form of feedback, so signing this petition and forwarding it to people who live or work locally WILL make a difference!

If you want to send comments straight to AVDC (which would be brilliant as the more individual comments they get the better)!, you can click the weblink at the top of this page, then press 'Submit Comments'.

If you know of anyone who wants to comment, but doesn't have access to the internet, AVDC also accepts comments in writing to: AVDC Planning Department, 66 High Street, Aylesbury HP20 1SD.

- They'll want your name and address
- The application reference number: 08/02379/AOP
- The address of the site: Land To South Of The A421 And East Of A413 Buckingham Bucks
- Whether you are supporting, objecting to, or commenting on the proposal
- Details of your comments.

We've only got until the 27th October 2008 to express our views!

Thank you!

We, the undersigned, object to the Aylesbury Vale District planning application 08/02379/AOP.

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