Stop this law!

OK, this has got to stop. The California law is planning to ban Violent Video games on Minors. This law was passed 3 years ago, but was quickly abolished before it gone into affect for violating Freedom of Speech. Now they will try to put it back up again.

If this passes, then the Video gaming industry will actually go into negative affect. The chances of a minor getting violent while playing violent video games are very low. What is really causing Violent Kids? Violence in the REAL WORLD! Not in some shoot-em up simulator. California, do we want a silly law like this? NO!

What has happened to the law of Freedom of Speech? Take down this law and Understand. If your the Parent, simply don't buy the game or talk to your kids. To the Kid, if you got a copy, then don't turn violent (Highly Unlikely)! Say NO to bad no-brainer Politicians!

The Say No to the Ban on Violent Video Games on Minors in California! petition to Sacramento was written by James Bond and is in the category Gaming at GoPetition.