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Tesco's are attempting to build a new store in the village of Churchdown. So far all planning applications have been turned down and the strength of the campaign by the local CATS members (Churchdown Against Tesco Site) continues.

Churchdown neither needs, nor can it safely accommodate a store of this size. Our local roads are already congested and barely able to cope with existing traffic. We have nothing against Tesco's but believe the proposed site (Hurrans Garden's Centre) to be wholly inappropriate.

We at CATS call upon all Churchdown villagers who are apposed to this Tesco build, to sign this petition.

Furthermore, we would ask that you turn up at the next Tewkesbury Council Office meeting at 08:30am on Tuesday November 9th to hear the decision of the Council.

We anticipate this to be the last hearing for this application so it's vital that we gain as much support as possible from local villagers.

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