Democratic National Committee, Federal Election commission.
United States of America

History: As we have observed in the past and is a common knowledge supporting a historical fact that Super-delegates STEAL THE ELECTION from the People and are a source of SUPER CORRUPTION in the political process and Exercise of Democracy in this country!!

Same is the case with Electronic Voting Machines! Anything that is converted into a machine form and controlled via a computer or technology has 100% chances of being HACKED!! And there Cant be any guarantee of the results..PERIOD!

1) Citizen's Appeal to Democratic National Committee:
Please DO AWAY with the Concept & System of Super-delegates in an Election process!


2) Citizen's Appeal to Federal Election Commission:
Please DO AWAY with the Electronic Voting Machines hence making our Exercise in Democracy a Flawless process without any possibility of the Election results being compromised and hacked!

Signed: Citizens of this Great Nation!

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The Say NO To Superdelegate Concept! & NO to Electronic Voting Machines! petition to Democratic National Committee, Federal Election commission. was written by Bobby The-Reform-Activist and is in the category Politics at GoPetition.