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This is a petition by residents of Hopkinton, RI to the members of the Hopkinton Town Council asking the Council NOT to enact new legislation to enable the installation of a large commercial solar array in a residential area.

The applicant, SKUNK HILL SOLAR, LLC, has requested that the Hopkinton Town Council pass two related ordinances to amend the town's Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Map to rezone 172 acres of property from RFR-80 rural residential use to "commercial special - solar only" and to allow the applicant to install and operate a utility scale solar energy power plant to manufacture electricity.

The Town Council is under no obligation to provide such legislation to the applicant and can simply refuse to do so.

The subject property is situated in a rural, residential zone, surrounded by other residential property, where the commercial manufacture of electricity is prohibited.

The Hopkinton Planning Board has reviewed the project and issued an adverse Advisory Opinion on December 7, 2018, recommending that the Town Council DENY the applicant's request on the basis that the proposed amendments to the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Map are not consistent the goals and objectives of the Plan.

Please indicate on the petition whether you are an abutter, a nearby neighbor (2500 foot radius) or a Hopkinton resident.

See the list of abutters and neighbors, and other information on the Skunk Hill Solar project, here:

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Finally, here is a link to our crowd funding campaign to pay legal expenses:



To DENY the Request by SKUNK HILL SOLAR, LLC, et al,

For Enactment of Comprehensive Plan/Zoning Map Amendments

At 145 Skunk Hill - AP 18 Lot 14; and
At Arcadia Rd and Lisa Lane - AP 18 Lots 8 & 13

The undersigned residents of Hopkinton, including legal abutters who own property within 200 feet of the above referenced property and nearby neighbors within a radius of 2500 feet, respectfully request that the Hopkinton Town Council DENY its approval for a Comprehensive Plan Amendment and a Zoning Map Amendment to allow the installation of an industrial solar power plant in a rural, residential RFR-80 zone, where the commercial manufacture of electricity is strictly prohibited.

We CONCUR with the determination of the Hopkinton Planning Board, expressed in its adverse Advisory Opinion to the Town Council dated December 7, 2018, that the applicant’s proposal is not consistent with the following elements of the town’s Comprehensive Plan:

1) Goal NR- 1, “To preserve, conserve, and protect the significant natural resources of Hopkinton as an endowment for the future of the town”;

2) Objective NR-1, “Protect and manage important forest resources and wetland systems to meet the demands of recreation, water supply, wildlife habitat, forest products and a high-quality environment”; and

3) Policy PSF-15, “Endorse future land development that is sustainable, energy efficient, and in accordance with the Town’s Future Land Use Map”.

We SUPPORT the efforts of the Hopkinton Planning Board to preserve the rural character of the Town of Hopkinton; to faithfully adhere to the stated goals of the town's Comprehensive Plan; and to defend the integrity of the established planning and zoning process for our town.

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