#Neighborhood Living
Suamico Zoning commission
United States of America

This property is a 55 acre open field at the corner of Northwoods and County M (Fairview Rd.) The property is currently zoned RURAL RESIDENTIAL and it is our understanding that the village may be looking at re-zoning to allow the development of apartment complexes. They are considering 24 buildings with 240 apartments. Much of the charm of Suamico and specifically our neighborhood is the larger lots required by the Rural Residential zoning. Many of us chose to move here specifically because of this zoning law. It also helps regulate the road traffic based on the number of families living in this area. We feel apartments would degrade the neighborhood we enjoy and could negatively impact our property value in the future.

We, the undersigned citizens of the village of Suamico call upon the village NOT to re-zone the property SU-731 at the corner of Northwoods and County M.

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