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Woodborn Partners is planning to convert what was once the Rummel house on the corner of Parkwood and Bancroft (2205 Parkwood), into a 9 unit apartment building. The building is situated in the heart of the Old West End historic district. A district originally platted in 1886 and developed as a primarily single family housing neighborhood.

The Old West End Neighborhood is one of the largest collections of Victorian, Edwardian, and Arts and Crafts homes in the United States and serves as a showcase of the architectural styles popular with Americans around the turn of the century. Designated as a National Historic Place, the area and neighbors enjoy the stability of living in a neighborhood that values it's past and it's architecture.

The proposed zoning change threatens to increase the housing density of this part of the neighborhood; without considering the ramifications of the extra parking, noise and traffic this change will cause. The developers insist that they need the income from all 9 units to make the project viable. But they offer no consideration to the neighborhood in exchange for their requested increase in density. Specifically, they make no plans to restore the exterior of the building to it's original architectural style, nor make any exterior improvements consistent with the architectural heritage of the neighborhood. In seeking approval from the neighborhood, the developers have presented architectural renderings that illustrate portico's as architectural embellishments. However, when asked about their plans to improve the outside of the building, they admitted that any exterior improvements drawn are just wishful thinking on their part. They said they want to focus on the interior. But the apartment floor plans they're posting on their web site (http://www.woodbornpartners.com/rummel) shows they're planning substandard living conditions.

Many of the bedrooms have NO windows. The third floor apartments have only one means of egress (which could be a life threatening hazard in a fire). Many of the bedrooms appear too small to meet HUD habitability guidelines.

We the undersigned urge the Toledo City Council to deny the application of Woodborn Partners (Z-5005-16) to convert what was once a single family home in the historic Old West End District, into a 9 unit apartment building.

We believe the increase in the allowed zoning density would be inconsistent with the neighborhood. We further believe an increase in occupancy would deteriorate the quality of life in the neighborhood by reducing the number of available parking spaces, and increasing noise and traffic.

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