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An individual/company has contracted with a builder to build homes that will be used as rehab houses for "rehab" individuals. The exact clientele isn't known.

It is alleged that the builder will build 10 - 20 homes housing 4 - 8 individuals. The homes will be open to clients from other areas and not limited to citizens of Walker County. One home is currently under construction on Bell Road, Walker County, Georgia.

Originally, the builder applied for a single family residence permit but neighbors heard of the intended plan and got involved. A "stop work" order was supposed to have been issued but it is reported the builder/others have submitted other required documents. The proposed site is a quiet, scenic, rural residential area with many children near by. The proposed site is within 2 miles of an elementary school and a technical College.

Regardless of the setting, we the citizens of Walker County, LaFayette, Georgia, do not want homes in our area to be utilized to provide housing for any type of "rehab" or other criminal offender.

We, the undersigned, call on the Walker County Planning Commission and/or other Government entities to halt continued construction on this home and others if it is to be used for any purpose other than a single family residence.

We, the undersigned, also ask that the Walker County Planning Commission and/or other Government entities deny any permits, applications, and other documents that would allow homes to be built in our community that would be utilized to house any type of "rehab" and/or criminal offender (misdemeanor or felony).

We, the undersigned, demand that further approvals, permits, applications, and any/all documents related to potential "half way" houses be stopped and denied. We, the undersigned, do not want any future or past offender living in our neighborhood. We feel it isn't safe for any citizen of Walker County.

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