NTUC Fairprice

Plastic last forever and it's KILLS!

Used plastic bags, bottles and similar are finding their ways to our drains, rivers, sea, beaches and the big oceans.

These products made from plastic will never decomposed but will only broken into smaller pieces to be mistakenly consumed by the marine creatures...

The marine life are either choke or stave them to death by these mistaken food... or its find their ways into our food chain...

With the ever increasing of the population tag with the current consumers' habits, the volume of discarded plastic bags, bottles or others will increased to an alarming situation that will be beyond our ability to clean it up...

There are already numerous reports about garbage patches found in our oceans and more than 80% of the contents are plastics. These plastics are destroying and killing the marine life directly and indirectly, and we humans will be affected...

We, the undersigned, call on the NTUC Fairprice to start taking the lead by imposing charges for the grocery plastic bags and STOP the current practice of FREE issuing!

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