Green Yatra is a registered non-profit trust and non-government organization (NGO) dedicated to the protection and conservation of our Mother Earth and Environment.

We strive to maintain the integrity of the ecosystem for the benefit of all living creatures by introducing and adopting simple green lifestyle, eco-friendly ideas in our daily lives.

Plastic bags are one of the biggest causes for pollution and environmental degradation. Although most of us are aware of this fact, we continue to use them.

Therefore, I urge each and every one of you to strictly avoid the usage of plastic bags. Here are some other alternatives :

• Carry a jute/cloth bag when you are planning to go to a shop;

• In case of an unplanned purchase, avoid a plastic bag if you can carry things in your hand;

• Encourage shops around you to use recyclable paper bags;

• Avoid carrying more than one plastic bag if things can be fit into just one;

• Shops should be strictly instructed not to use plastic bags at all, especially if they sell dry items like clothes and shoes.

In order to make our environment plastic-free and pollution-free, each and every one of us needs to put in an effort. Every effort, however small counts in saving our environment.

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