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Oak Wharf Planning Commitee
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The owners of Oak Wharf - the small plot of land in Oak Cottages between #10 & #11 - have submitted a new planning application. The previous application was for five three-story two-bedroom townhouses - ten bedrooms. The new application has four three-story three-bedroom townhouses - 12 bedrooms.

So while the density was criticised in the previously rejected application, the new application has more bedrooms.

Residents of Oak Cottages / Fox Villas met to look at the application and they are unanimous in their objection to the proposal.

The planning process only considers planning-related objections. They consider these to be:
- design and layout
- external appearance and materials
- access for disabled people
- loss of daylight, sunlight and privacy of neighbours
- noise nuisance
- traffic and parking issues
- loss of, or an increase in, a particular type of use of land

The proposal is from developers and architects who are keen to get the most they can on the site. In addition to being inappropriate for the site and area, the application does not meet minimum requirements for a planning application in a conservation area. Essential details about materials are missing, some of the required drawings are missing. There is also very convenient selective reference to policy by the applicants to make the modernists and over-sized application appear to be within permitted policy.

It fails on many fronts. Unfortunately there is limited confidence in the guidance of the Planning Department to take a balanced view given that it recommended the previous application for approval (the Planning Committee rejected it having also questioned the content of the report to Committee).

It is remarkably difficult to get an application like this rejected. We were successful last time in part by mobilizing support for the character and charm of the area down by The Fox Pub. We will be doing all we can to obtain comments and support from relevant bodies.

If you feel able to please join us in rejecting the planning proposal and petition against it.

• We the undersigned are opposed to the planning application for Oak Wharf (P/2013/0104).

• The proposal is for four, three-story three bedroom townhouses. The building will be a large modern-design block mass with insufficient detail of materials provided in the application. Each property has three double bedrooms, with just one parking space per dwelling. Parking and traffic in the area will be increased considerably. Views from the Canal Bridge, River Brent Path and the allotments will be massively affected by the development.

• The Planning Application is totally inappropriate for the St Mark’s Conservation Area.

• Residents of Oak Cottages and Fox Villas are unanimously opposed to the proposed development.

• Several local interest groups (the OHRA, Hanwell Community Forum, Hanwell Conservation Area Panel, William Hobbayne Trust and Friends of the River Brent) and local residents have objected to the application along the grounds of design and layout, external appearance and materials, access for disabled people, loss of daylight, sunlight and privacy of neighbours, traffic and parking issues. These opinions have been ignored and overlooked.

• This development is at the heart of a Conservation Area, is on Metropolitan Open Land, a Nature Conservation Management Area and an Archaeological Interest Area.

• We urge the Planning Committee to reject this planning application completely.

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