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Citizens of the GTA


Mayor Miller and City Council will be voting next month to implement a whole new slew of new taxes under the City of Toronto Act 2006, that will cost you and your family thousands of dollars each year. These include:

- Land Transfer Tax- you’ll pay on average $2,000 more to purchase a home

- Vehicle registration tax- enjoy a whopping 60% increase

- 5% sales tax on movies, concerts, performing arts and sporting events

- Tobacco, alcohol and billboard taxes

- Road Tools and congestion tax

City Hall will tell you that picking your pocket is for the public good. But can you trust this same bunch of politicians who have REFUSED to give up all their lovely FREE Perks- golf, TTC passes, lunches, box tickets, etc and who used your hard earned money to pay for the mayor’s costly office renovations. Why should the average hardworking citizen make sacrifices when they have shown no fiscal responsibility and leadership?

“ How can we use these new taxes to increase revenues”
Howard Moscoe, Councillor Ward 15

“How can we do this faster?”

Adam Vaughan, Councillor Ward 20

“ Council wants to consult with taxpayers, but the City will bring in the taxes regardless”

Shelley Carroll, Budget Chief, Councillor, Ward 33

Make your voice heard and SAY NO.

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