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Recent proposals for new developments in Vauxhall have raised concerns about the very high densities of high-rise developments on and near Vauxhall Cross.

The proposed Kylun Towers are a further embodiment of the lost opportunities to upgrade an area that was crying out for sensitive re-use of redundant and neglected industrial land and a river front with great potential.

The combination of excessive density and over-development of this handkerchief sized piece of land proposed by the Kylun scheme with its two towers encircled by busy roads on all sides would be dominating the surrounding area, thereby creating an oppressive, hostile environment.

There would be no sense of the open space residents, hotel guests and employees should reasonably expect when they approach or leave the building.

The development also represents a mismatch between need and supply of family housing, whilst putting further pressure on transport links an other infrastructure already at capacity.

Please sign this petition if you want to register your opposition to the Kylun Towers development going ahead.

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