#Roads & Transport
GMPTE / Department for Transport
United Kingdom

GMPTE has increased concessionary fares on buses from 50p to 70p from 25th March 2007. The reason they give for this is that from 1st April 2006, people over 60 were allowed to get on the bus after 9.30am for free.

So because of this, they have to give the bus companies money to compensate for this. That is why they decided to raise concessionary fare to a ridiculous price of 70p.

We, the undersigned, disagree with the concessionary fare rising to 70p. We therefore want GMPTE to lower the concessionary fare back to 50p as we think 70p is far too high and unfair as we are paying for people over 60 to travel for free after 9.30am.

The Say No to GMPTE concessionary fare rise petition to GMPTE / Department for Transport was written by Robert Aston and is in the category Roads & Transport at GoPetition.