#Animal Rights
US govts and UN
United States of America

Help stop the cruel use of gas chambers in America. About six to eight million animals are put into shelters every year. 3 to 4 million never make it out--alive.

While many shelters use a very humane use of euthanization, such as the shot which takes a matter of seconds, many use the cruel gas chamber which a number of dogs have survived. The gas chamber process can take up to three minutes, that's three minutes of pain, three minutes of suffering! We need to stop this!

You can make a difference by signing this petition. Please help the animals. Spay and Neutering animals plays a major part in the gas chambers. People buy puppies because they are "cute." Then they grow up not to be puppies as some people seem to think, but full grown dogs, many unwanted dogs. So how do they get more puppies?

BREEDING, that's how, puppy mill breeding, backyard breeding, thats how. After that they get thrown to the pound, the pound gets overcrowded and they get gassed. SPAY AND NEUTER!!!

We, the undersigned, call on the UN & US govt to eliminate the use of inhumane gas chambers.

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