Beddinton homes with the CR0 postcode
United Kingdom

Nearly 1,700 homes in Beddington fall within the London Borough of Sutton but have a Croydon post code (CR0) and a Croydon Postal address.

Other parts of the CR0 area based in Croydon itself experience a higher level of crime and as a consequence the insurance costs across all parts of the CR0 post code area are higher than nearby areas. This means that people living in the CR0 postal district of Beddington pay significantly higher Insurance premium than their neighbours in the Sutton postal area of Beddington.

There have been over 20 other serious problems identified by residents as a result of this anomaly. These include, inter alia, ambulances, police and fire engines turning up at the same address name in Croydon when they should be in Beddington Surrey and vice versa, burials/cremations are directed to a Croydon cemetery even though the family live near a facility in Sutton, undelivered parcels have to be collected miles from homes as opposed to a much nearer sorting office and many other problems.

The Regulator Postcom provide for a procedure to have Postcodes reviewed if the majority of the residents affected in this way vote for a change. A survey carried out recently showed that 96% of residents affected wanted such a change to a Sutton Post code and Sutton postal address. This petition has therefore been set up to obtain a mandate from those affected to have the post code and postal address to be changed.

I/We the undersigned, live in Beddington and call upon the Royal Mail to change our postcode from a Croydon code to a Sutton code, and to amend the post town from Croydon to Sutton.

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