Bill Hancock - Executive Director College Football Committee
United States of America

New Years Eve has been a tradition for Americans for as long as I can remember. To go out with friends, stay at home with friends, or spend an evening with family interacting and enjoying whatever atmosphere we have chosen for the night.

On Saturday millions of Americans love to watch our favorite College Football team. Sometimes we have to miss those games when they are played at 8 pm and we have our typical weekend plans to do what we love to do, again, spend time interacting with friends and family.

Now we are being forced to forfeit our plans or miss what might possibly be the best 2 games of the year because someone has decided to play the playoffs on New Years Eve! Well that decision was made by Mr. Bill Hancock, Executive Director of College Football, and we need to tell him that this need changed NOW! Before they lose millions of dollars and fans for making such a bone head decision. The ratings dropped 40% when they did it the first year so why in the world would they continue?

We, the undersigned, call on Bill Hancock and the College Football Committee Staff to find another time to air the playoff games. New Years Eve is a tradition that does not need College Football.

We ask that you contact Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC, ESPN and any other TV Networks in order to air these games at a time that will be beneficial for both the network ratings, the sponsors, and us, the viewers.

Any day or night EXCEPT New Years Eve would be acceptable.

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