#Neighborhood Living
Cllr Charlie Smith, Dulwich Community Council
United Kingdom

February 16, 2006

The impending opening of Caffe Nero in Lordship Lane has alerted many residents of East Dulwich and surrounding area's to the fact that our independent community businesses are being threatened.

Caffe Nero represents a business style & culture that we do not wish to see developing in East Dulwich; a culture of chain stores.

Most high streets in London are now overrun by chain stores. Chain stores take money from the community, and feed it back to their investors. They are not interested in contributing to our local community. They are only interested in their bottom line.

Allowing Caffe Nero to open its doors sets a precedent for other chain stores to come. It won't be long before the unique look and feel of Lordship Lane has been overrun by McDonalds, Starbucks, Tesco and the like.

The cost of allowing chain stores to open their doors in our community will come at the expense of our local businesses and the unique character of our neighbourhood. Independent local businesses contribute to the very unique fabric of the East Dulwich community. Independent business can not compete with major corporations.

Through this petition, we the residents of East Dulwich and surrounding areas unite as one voice for our community.

We ask you Councillor Smith to take any and all steps you can to protect our local businesses from being overrun by share price motivated chain stores and their investors.

We say NO to chain stores in East Dulwich!

Councillor Smith,

We the undersigned wish to petition against the opening and/or development of chain stores in East Dulwich.

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