Anyone who wants their Freedom
United States of America

- America is supposed to be the land of the free - why take away teen freedom?

- 30% of teens are killed in car accidents, the rest are adults

- Adults talk on the phone & text while driving.

Many young adults work late hours, making their curfew earlier can make it difficult for them to find a ride home. Having their parents stay up late to go and get them is unfair. Also, teens who play sports may have to give people a ride home after games if their parents are unable to come get them. Putting a decal on teens cars is just another way a perve can find them and follow them because they know a teen is in the car.

Finally, their are a lot of young teen parents. Only allowing them to have one extra person in their car can cause problems if they have two young children.

This bill is pointless and it's an abuse of power. Young drivers are not the cause of every car accident. They should not be punished for it.

We the undersigned are strongly against this new bill. We call for the New Jersey Government to repeal this bill of putting decals on teens cars.

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