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Southwark Councillors and the Planning Inspectorate
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The opening of Caffe Nero in Lordship Lane has alerted many residents of East Dulwich and surrounding areas to the fact that our independent community businesses are being threatened.

But what is more this large company, which must have experienced professional advisers, opened when they knew they did not have the correct planning permission.

This was a bully-boy tactic against the council and local residents who thus had no chance to express opinions about the consequences of this shop on existing local businesses and the character of the shopping street.

The council already has a policy that non-retail outlets cannot exceed 50%. This is a sensible policy to preserve the balance between 'real' shops' and those providing simply services for shoppers. I say this limit should be defended or else what kind of shopping street will we end up with?

The council have decided to reject Caffe Nero's retrospective application but Caffe Nero have gone to appeal.

Caffe Nero has started a petition amongst their customer asking for the shop to stay. Well, of course they will get lots of signatures from existing customers!

I have started this petition so that those who think otherwise can record their opinion and this can also be reported to the council and inspectorate. If it attracts more (or less) signatures than the shop - then local residents will have spoken.

We, the undersigned, call upon the council and planning inspectorate to uphold the existing policy of limiting non-retail outlets in Lordship Lane to 50% and so to reject the appeal of Caffe Nero to break this limit.

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