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Hastings Borough Council, Planning Department
United Kingdom

Walmart ASDA have applied for planning permission for a superstore in Silverhill with a customer restaurant. The store floor area will be 6,920sqm.

The Victorian terraced houses on the top of Battle Road are to be demolished to make room for a bus lane and a dedicated left turn lane for access to the car park.

Details of the application can be found on

We, the undersigned, are opposed to ASDA opening in Silverhill because of the additional traffic it will generate. The roads around Silverhill junction are already heavily congested and it would get much worse if ASDA were allowed to open a store in this area.

The proposed development would put undue pressure on the local shops in Silverhill, Bohemia and Central St. Leonards. The small retail sector is a key driver of entrepreneurship, employment, skills, innovation and sophisticated business networks, as well as accessibility to vital goods and services, diversity, social inclusion and community activities.

A large supermarket in this area would undermine the regeneration of Silverhill and St. Leonards by making it difficult for small businesses to prosper. This will not only affect small shops but also suppliers, producers and other businesses and the wider business network will be affected by a negative impact on the local economy.

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