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The Spot Experience Dog Daycare
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As detailed in a position statement of the American Veterinary Dental College, tartar and plaque are not just a cosmetic problem, but often a symptom of disease.

In an awake patient, it is impossible to remove bacterial plaque from all surfaces of the teeth and particularly below the gum line, where the bacteria cause an inflammatory response which ultimately leads to destruction of the bone and tooth-supporting connective tissue.

Removal of tartar and plaque without anesthesia provides cosmetic improvement, but no medical benefits. Any underlying bone loss remains undetected and untreated, allowing continued progression of the disease; while their owners are given a false sense of security of total oral cavity health. Additionally, motion during the cleaning can lead to oral injury and pain if periodontal probing is performed (considering how we feel when our dentist probes a sensitive tooth).

The California based "Houndstooth" organization being contracted by Spot to perform such "services" here in New York has been banned from doing so in California as the California Veterinary Practice Act now considers anesthesia-free dental cleaning the practice of veterinary medicine without a license and in violation of the Veterinary Practice Act of the State of California.

We, the undersigned veterinarians licensed and practicing in the state of new york, ask that Spot Experience Dog Daycare refrain from offering anesthesia-free dental cleanings to its client's dogs. There is a good reason this service is illegal in California (and many other states).

By offering this option to the patrons of Spot Dog Daycare, we assert you are doing a disservice to dogs and deceiving their owners.

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