Watauga County Board of Commissioners
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A company called Maymead wants to open an asphalt plant on Highway 421 in Boone, NC. The plant would be less than 2 miles from Parkway School and close to many of our houses.

According to High Country W.A.T.C.H.:
Asphalt plants release tons of toxic chemicals, including many that are really bad for people's health and can cause cancer. These chemicals are especially bad for people who have asthma and other breathing problems. The kids at Parkway School would have to breathe the air that is polluted.

Asphalt plants can also hurt our drinking water and the rivers nearby.

The asphalt plant could also make the value of houses in the Parkway School district go down.

Asphalt plants are ugly, and it would take away from the beauty of our community.

We, the students, parents, and teachers at Parkway School, ask that the Watauga County Board of Commissioners say NO to Maymead's request to build an asphalt plant on Highway 421 near Parkway School.

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