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We write to Mr Nathan Rees, regarding the proposed reform of the Schools Student Transport Scheme (SSTS) affecting all public school students in NSW.

The majority of Selective/Private/Comprehensive Schools depend on public transport, since most of the people live between 5 to 50km from school. For some of us, up to 4 hours a day is spent on getting to and from school.
The SSTS has been implemented since 1968, catering for many public school students. It has reduced the burden of buying periodical tickets for public school students. We do not understand— why, after 40 years, the scheme would be cut to save costs?

It has been promoted that taking public transport to school is the most environmentally friendly way (bar walking) to get to school. If our parents were to spend another $391, as stated in the Sunday Telegraph, it would be more economical to go to school by car, which is inconsistent with the aims of being environmentally friendly.

We, as petitioners, would like to further emphasise the inconvenience of most students trying to get to school. Picture this: cramped school buses, filled way over the 15 passenger standing mark; peak-hour trains with little standing space; hour-long journeys to school… Look, these conditions do not call for the hefty yearly fee that our parents have to pay.

Sir, we would like to call upon the suspension of any changes to the School Student Transport Scheme until a better solution can be made.

Please Tell everyone to sign this petition: SAY NO TO ABOLISHING FREE PUBLIC TRANSPORT FOR SCHOOL STUDENTS because the Scheme has been implemented in 1968, reducing the burden for students to have to purchase Tickets on a frequent basis. It has also relieved people from having to save money.

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