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This is background information concerning the new proposed substations and the effect on Necton Village. The part of the petition you are actually agreeing with follows in the petition box below.

Necton has one giant electrical substation built by Statoil. Now Vattenfall wants to build two much bigger ones (to service their 2 giant wind farms, Norfolk Vanguard and Boreas) and their first proposed site was only 100 metres from homes on the A47 and only 300 - 500 metres from homes in Necton village. Our pressure group, the Necton Substations' Action Group: (https://www.facebook.com/groups/334912393247570/) protested vigorously about this, as did our Parish Council, and the substation zone was moved to a slightly better spot. However, we have to continue to protest because too many homes will still be affected by this. The National Grid have told us that it's possible more and more wind farm companies will try to connect at Necton if this one goes ahead. The places most affected are Necton, the Ivy Todd part of Necton, (which is Chapel Road and Ivy Todd Road, and Watery Lane) and West End. It will also be seen from Holme Hale.

The cable corridor will cause destruction across Norfolk from Happisburgh (landfall) to Necton.

If these substations get planning permission and are built, together with a new National Grid part, this will mean Necton will end up with over 70 acres of substations, which will be up to 80 feet high.

We the undersigned call on Breckland Council and the Secretary of State to stop the building of more substations in Necton in Norfolk. The proposal is being put forward by Vattenfall, under the headings Norfolk Vanguard and Norfolk Boreas.

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