Land Securities Ltd

Land Securities Ltd, who own The Centre in Livingston, are introducing parking charges from 1st June. This company, whose profits were more than £1 billion last year, propose charging retail staff, many of whom will be on the minimum wage, up to £40 per month to park. This sum is equivalent to almost one full working day's pay a month, or around 2 weeks' pay over a year.

Public transport links particularly from the West Lothian villages, are poor, and there is no alternative parking available.

Parking has, up until now, been free in Livingston, so this extra charge for staff, in this climate when people are struggling to make ends meet, is unacceptable.

Ask Land Securities to think again.

We the undersigned call on Land Securities Ltd to withdraw the proposed parking charges for staff at The Centre, Livingston, which would cost low paid shop workers, many of whom are on the minimum wage, up to £40 per month.

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