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The vision of The Global Peace Centre http://www.peacecentre.org is to contribute towards the creation of a Planetary Peace Culture looking to life and common humanism as the core values for a sustainable society. During the last few decades, a radical change has occurred in humanity's awareness of itself. In simple terms, we have, over the millennia, translated ourselves from "oneness to aloneness".

The truth is that all life on the planet is connected. This newly acquired state of aloneness and alienation causes considerable discomfort. GCFP attempts to understand what we have become and illuminates our future potential. Humankind has reached a state of development in which old modes of thinking and behaving threaten to destroy our planet. This is becoming patently obvious to people of all political and religious persuasions. We are living through a global crisis in which only a profound revolution can save us from total self-destruction. Those of us who are dedicated to the preservation of life must play a prominent part in this revolution, which calls for a substantial change in our manner of thinking.

On social, environmental and health fronts we are confronting a critical transition. We are facing the results of an epistemology which focuses on material and rational values, human supremacy and competition for domination. Will this transition be into chaos and destruction or will it be into the new paradigm based on spiritual, ecological connectedness and cooperation.

The Global Peace Centre aims to contribute towards this next great global step - The Final Frontier, acknowledging the common ground of humanity and its connectedness with all life.

The Global Peace Centre is a global alliance of individuals and organizations dedicated to building a world of peace in which we all live in freedom, harmony, cooperation and co-prosperity.

We have come together as concerned Global citizens realizing that with increasing Global population requiring more and more resources with tremendous inequality of distribution our planet is reaching breaking point in terms of economic and ecological crises.
This is having profound social and cultural effects. We require urgent ecological, social, economic and political solutions to problems which affect billions of people if we are to survive sustainably.

The Global Peace Centre calls for spiritual, ecological and holistic world views, derived from perceptions of connectedness and interdependence. The essence of a sustainable future lies in the quality of the individual and their positive contribution to society. Optimization of health and lifestyle for every person is the key to our future. Will you be our Ambassador for Peace and sign our petition for the Ten Commandments for Peace, that we may widely promulgate this message of hope and peace to all of humanity?

Your signature gives the support The Global Peace Centre needs. For partnership with The Global Peace Centre please contact michael.ellis@ozemail.com.au

The Global Peace Centre is dedicated to creating a world model which:
1. FORMULATES a program to save the earth for future generations.
2. RECOGNISES the necessity for global cooperation and awareness to address global problems.
3. HONOURS the basic dignity and wholeness of each person.
4. BRINGS TOGETHER - on a Global and Non-Sectorial Basis the means of making contact with others involved in diverse aspects of global healing and concern for planet Earth through the use of global communications networks.
5. BRINGS TOGETHER PEOPLE FROM COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY who are able to deliver presentations which energise an entire global commercial community to develop "new ways", whereby we can reverse the demise of planet Earth.
6. ADDRESSES the Global Environment Problem directly and implements solutions and aid strategies in ways which governments cannot.
7. PRESENTS NEW TECHNOLOGIES which are environmentally friendly, conserve energy and water and encourage organic and innovatory farming.
8. ENHANCES THE COOPERATIVE EXCHANGE OF INNOVATIVE KNOWLEDGE for the future, where the role of industry is paramount through speakers, representatives, displays, technology and sponsorship.

The Ten Pillars of a Sustainable Peaceful Civilisation:

1. Re-evaluate ourselves as the prime cause of the planetary problems we are facing, and continue to re-evaluate.

2. Respect the inherent value in every single human being.

3. Respect the vastly unexplored complexity of ecosystems and life in all its forms, and the world's diverse cultures, including the open, constructive, peace-loving and responsible integrity which is evolving in Humanity.

4. Create a planetary peace and ecological culture (i.e. a sustainable civilization)

5. To positively evolve regarding issues of consumption and economy, through changes in consciousness, value systems, needs, and education

6. To recognize human potential as a prerequisite to the development of true Civilization including the power of the mind to devise appropriate technologies and enlightened strategies.

7. To use communication technology and the media and educational systems as a strategic vehicle to unite humanity for peace and non violence rather than for war

8. To integrate scientific disciplines and scientific knowledge with consciousness

9. To create universal access to the world’s knowledge and use innovative forms of education, which recapture the essence and heart of education for life.

10. To promote economic empowerment of the developing world, by developed countries, to aid in all human development.

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