Saving Our Oceans
Solid garbage makes its way to the ocean. Plastic bags, balloons, glass bottles, shoes, and packaging material – if not disposed of correctly, almost everything we throw away can reach the sea.

Plastic garbage, which decomposes very slowly, is often mistaken for food by marine animals with often fatal effects, by marine mammals, fish, and birds that mistake it for food. High concentrations of plastic material, particularly plastic bags, have been found blocking the breathing passages and stomachs of many marine species, including whales, dolphins, seals, puffins, and turtles.

Ric 0’ Barry Dolphin Project
The mission of the Dolphin Project is to end dolphin exploitation and slaughter, as dolphins are routinely captured, harassed, slaughtered and sold into captivity around the world – all in the name of profit. Dolphin Project works not only to halt these slaughters but also to rehabilitate captive dolphins, investigate and advocate for economic alternatives to dolphin slaughter exploitation and to put a permanent end to dolphin captivity.


Coastline of England Hand-Cycle challenge 2017

Starting from Brighton pier 8am 28th May - 2017 Finish 29th June 2017 at
10 Downing Street London.

Rob will cover roughly 2,500 miles in 33 days, passing through some of the most stunning and remote countryside and coastline in the British Isles. This is a tough challenge but a fabulous way to see the country and coastline, and one of the most rewarding things I will ever do!

The cycling is mainly undulating over rolling countryside, though there are some longer, tougher climbs. Distances are fairly long, averaging approx 65 miles per day, with a shorter day at the end. I will cycle approximately 2,500 miles on this trip overall. This is not a ride which any hand-cyclist should attempt without specific training.

Why he is doing this?
Rob’s aim is to demonstrate what disabled cyclists can do, raise awareness of hand cycling as a sport, raise awareness of our dying oceans, and awareness of the slaughter of dolphin and whales in Taiji. (Japan)

Along the way he will be gathering 100,000 signatures from the British public and schools in support of saving our oceans and to stop the slaughter of dolphins and whales in Taiji, he will hand this petition into number 10 Downing Street on the 29th June 2017.

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