Stop the axing of a popular tv show.

Lots of us are not very impressed with the way big brother has been handled this year.

BUT TO CANCEL IT is just beyond words.

What needs to happen is that bb brother needs to listen to us.

Vip people want the following
1. to get what we pay for without the constant cut in audio and the message unable to see the house right now.

2 We want to be able to have a choice of cameras that we dont get forced to see convo and people we dont want to see that we can see our favourites.

3 And what is with the streaming having to refresh all the time. What a crock.

Also the voting system and how its been rigged. As proven by the recent news media stories surrounding briggie eviction.

We want a more honest show. Where housemates are not edited when the favourite of the producer says something that might make that person look in a bad light.

Big Brother just play fair and the fans will stand behind you and we will get u back on the air.

I am not concerned about the hosts losing there jobs but of the hundreds behind the scenes

Please sign this petition and please voice your opinions on what you want and I will be forwarding it to channel 10.

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