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Mayor Curt Balzano-Leng and Building Official Robert Labulis
United States of America

Quinnipiac University has acquired several historic Mount Carmel houses located along Whitney Avenue in Hamden. They plan to demolish all of them to create "green spaces" in order to make the approach to the university what it believes will be more attractive and college-like.

All of these structures are significant in the history of Mount Carmel. If Quinnipiac University succeeds, these historic buildings will be lost to history, just like so much of Mount Carmel has been lost in the past 40 years.

It is time for people to raise concerns about how Quinnipiac University may forever alter the historic character of the Mount Carmel section of Hamden.

We, the undersigned, support the Hamden Historical Society and the Hamden Historic Properties Commission in their endeavor to preserve buildings of historic importance and interest in the town of Hamden.

Accordingly, we wish to register our objection to Quinnipiac University’s intention to demolish historic houses in the Mount Carmel section of Hamden, specifically the Ezra Dickerman house (c. 1770) at 3217 Whitney Avenue, the Elam Dickerman house (1875) at 3235 Whitney Avenue, the Alfred Vick house (c. 1890) at 3335 Whitney Avenue, the Joseph Miller house (c. 1875) at 3341 Whitney Avenue, the old Cheshire Road toll house (1800) at 3367 Whitney Avenue and the Orrin Todd house (c. 1815) at 3369 Whitney Avenue, and other such structures along Whitney Avenue, thereby changing forever the historic and cultural character of Mount Carmel, the earliest seat of Hamden settlement.

We urge the elected and appointed Hamden town officials to engage Quinnipiac University in a positive dialogue, working toward solutions that would save these structures from demolition.

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