#Animal Rights
Aida Luz Santell
United States of America

May 12, 2006

It has been brought to my family's attention that phone calls were placed to the front desk about Bremusa. Bremusa, our White/Old English Bulldog, has been categorized as a threatening "Pitbull" whom people are afraid of due to a "Pitbull's" nature, Bremusa could hurt someone. In addition, Bremusa was "seen" chasing people.

For the record, Bremusa is only outside of our home when we take her to the bathroom. Please do not catoragized a Bulldog for a Pitbull.

According to A Happy Pit Bull website, " Some people believe that the American Bulldog, the English Bulldog, and/or the Bull Terrier are also "pit bulls" - but that is not true, since these breeds were used neither for bull baiting nor pit fighting."

"The pit bull's body structure is similar to a packed handful of other breeds. American Bulldogs, Bull Terriers, Bull Mastiffs, Boxers, Dobermans, Rottweilers... even Labs and mixed dogs have been labelled pit bulls.

The vagueness of the term "pit bull" leads many people, politicians, and the media to wrongly label any vicious dog a "pit bull".

We, the undersigned, agree that Bremusa is not a threat to the community, and that Bremusa should remain in the community.

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