The Anglo-American School of Moscow

The Anglo-American School of Moscow is to many of us a school which is very close to our lives. We, students, spend most of our time at school, working hard, trying to achieve passing the IB Programme (or at least AAS Diploma).

Although the "senior privileges" which were still present in the AAS high school last year were indeed "overdone" (and thus taken away from us), we looked very much forward to the respect which we would get from the school in the form of the AAS yearbook, and graduation ceremony. The ceremony itself has already been reduced from 2 to 1 day, and on top of that, according to reliable sources, our "senior pages" in the AAS yearbook would be significantly reduced, and during the upcoming graduation ceremony the PowerPoint slides illustrating the students would be omitted as well.

We, seniors, are very disappointed that these plans are to be put into action. We understand that the school might have budget problems, and are willing to contribute a certain amount of money (per person, or through fund-raisers), in order to keep the AAS tradition alive.

Being a senior is a milestone for many of us, and seeing these AAS traditions disappear hurts us deeply. We would thus like to protect these forms of respect that we deserve, not just for ourselves, but for the future senior classes as well.

Thank you.

The senior class of 2012 demands to have:

1. Larger senior pages in the AAS yearbook.
2. Baby pictures in the AAS yearbook and slide-show during the graduation ceremony.
3. The slide-show during the graduation ceremony.
4. The whole graduation ceremony to be filmed (at a professional level).

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