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Stretham and Wilburton Community Land Trust
United Kingdom

Here are the issues as we see them:

The size of the proposed development is out of proportion to the size of the village and does not take in account other development sites currently under way. If the SWCLT is allowed to build 120 extra houses, combined with other developments this will increase the village by 200-250 new houses in a very short space of time, increasing housing by almost 50%

If the SWCLT is allowed to build outside of the village boundary then this will open up a vast amount of farmland to further development which could stretch West to Twenty Pence Road and East to Stretham. This would fundamentally change the village for ever.

Traffic in Wilburton is regularly at a standstill at peak times. And according to local government statistics, Wilburton is the most polluted village in East Cambridgeshire.

An additional 200-250 cars feeding into the A1123 from a single exit point on Stretham Road will make things worse. As will years of major construction traffic concentrated here.

This development will make our village roads more dangerous, more congested, and more polluted.

Wilburton has a beautiful recreation ground. The Wilburton Cricket team has played on the same field for 120 years.

The Parish Council has a Recreation Improvement Group (RIG), volunteers who have been working hard for some time to improve recreational amenities in the village. Plans are now well advanced for a new pavilion, tennis courts and more natural spaces

What the SWCLT is suggesting is misleading. The Recreation Improvement Group is on the brink of producing a real boost to village recreation facilities. This development could prevent this from happening. It would also move the recreation ground further from the village centre and leave it in the middle of a housing estate.

The SWCLT is suggesting we should look to Stretham for evidence of the benefits that the new development could bring to our village. Also it suggests that affordable housing can only be provided by its private developer. A two bedroom terraced SWCLT house in Stretham cost £250K. This could cost around £900 per month for part rent, part mortgage.

But there is clearly evidence of a more mixed opinion in Stretham, where there is a real doubt that a majority of the Community were even in favour of the new development there. Contrary to SWCLT claims, promises of a new doctors surgery and industrial units in Stretham have yet to be fulfilled. The land on which they were to stand has now been redesignated for more housing.

There are other, better, ways to provide community housing for Wilburton than this development. We believe in a community-led approach to pursuing them.

We value the principle of localism - those who live in our village should decide its future. We are in favour of the provision of affordable housing through a community-led approach.

A genuine community-led approach involves speaking to the residents of Wilburton, not trying to create the impression of engagement by staging photo opportunities, telling people what they want to hear, or 'spinning' the data.

We believe the community of Wilburton should decide its own future. We love our village, and we ask you to help us.

We the undersigned believe that the current proposed SWCLT development will have a detrimental effect on the future of Wilburton. It is too large for the size of the village and in the wrong location outside of the village boundary.

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