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Wellington boxing club was opened October 2016 and has benefited 30-40 children in the Wellington and Taunton area. Besides keeping them active and off the streets they learn discipline and respect for both other children and adults. We found it's helped with confidence as well as encouraging new friendships!! We have children with dysfunctional behaviours and the club has help improve these behaviours this has not only been noticed by family but also in school !!!!

PLEASE HELP SAVE WELLINGTON BOXING CLUB. On 9/8/17 Wellington boxing club received a letter to say they will need to hand back the keys and close down the club by 31/8/17. Wellington boxing club has supported children with disfuntional behaviours it has shown children disapline, respect and enthusiasm many of our children are extremely passionate about the club a are extremely devastated the club is facing closure. This club is all for the community everyone who helps is doing this voluntary. We are asking for everyone to help us and our children to save Wellington boxing club and sign this petition. Wellington boxing club keeps children active, focused and social. Please sign this petition so we can keep kids off the streets and remain training and developing positively.

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