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Nelson Mandela Municipal Metropole Parks Division
South Africa

The following policy changes have been unilaterally instituted by Gerrit Strydom (E-mail of 8th November 2017) of the NMMM Parks Division without public participation.

• The Park will no longer be mowed from December 2017.
• All existing pathways will be covered in wood chips.
• Wellington Park will no longer be considered a play or recreation Park.
• The indigenous plant species Tribulus Terrestris (duiweltjies) will be systematically eradicated.
• The status of Wellington Park as a historical memorial area for use by the residents will no longer be available as bequeathed by our forefathers and will now be treated as a part of Settlers Park.

The Residents demand that the following policies be introduced with immediate effect :

• To reverse the recent policy changes made by Wellington Park management by amongst others, Gerrit Strydom of the NMMM Parks Division without a PUBLIC PARTICIPATION CONSULTATION PROCESS being conducted with the residents.
• To restore the verges, the entrance to the Park and the Park itself to their previous state prior to changes made by a local resident and that he desists from further development.
• That any future changes, including any name change, to Wellington Park policy be subjected to a public consultative process and an environmental impact assessment resulting in an agreeable outcome.

Other unwelcome changes taking place not mentioned in the above e-mail which are designed to restrict access to and the use of the Park and the verge parking by residents and visitors to the park.

• Gullies are being dug on the surrounding verges with the accompanying mounds of earth.
• Rocks are being placed randomly on mounds of earth along with old timber logs.
• Trees are being Planted to restrict use of the Park and the verge.
• Mowing of the verge is no longer possible due to the all the obstructions.
• The previously well-manicured verge has been degraded and now appears uncared for and untidy.

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