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The Municipal baths in Warrenpoint were officially opened on the 8th of June 1908. 100 years later and after being neglected and ignored by our local council, they have become a bit of an eyesore.

Local people are divided in what should be done with this historic building, however a recent online poll by the members of the oldwarrenpoint forum suggested that the majority would like to see the baths restored.

Currently under lease by the East Coast Adventure Centre, the centres manager Ian Cumming is as enthusiastic as the forum members and would also like to see the baths restored.

Dear Councillors,

It is with hopeful hearts that we are drawing up this petition.

We feel that at present there is a need for investment in the Warrenpoint area from the coffers of Newry and Mourne District Council.

The recent centenary of Warrenpoint Municipal Baths was sadly lacking in any sort of official celebration or recognition. This is considered to be a very sad neglect of what should be seen as a ‘Jewel’ in the tourist attractions of this area.

As such, please accept that we respectfully request suitable investment to restore this facility, and therefore enhance tourism in the Warrenpoint area as part of the Newry and Mourne district.

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