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My son aged 6 years old has been attending the Neurology department at Ward 66 at the Southern General Hospital since he was born. My child has the condition hydrocephalus and has a shunt inserted into his brain. We live about 10 minutes away from the Southern General hospital and this is where we take Reiss if he becomes ill. The staff at ward 66 know Reiss inside and out and know how tricky his case can be. He takes very poorly very quickly and can become so ill that he is almost at deaths door within minutes.

I have recently been informed by members of staff at ward 66 that they will soon be closing and moved to Yorkhill Sick Childrens Hospital. Although I am aware of what a good hospital Yorkhill is it is not nor never will be as equiped as the Neuro ward 66 at the Southern General Hospital. I am concerned that this will create great problems for my son as he grows and when he takes ill I cannot get him to the hospital as quickly as I could if he was still being treated at the Southern general hospital.

I am not alone in this as many of the other parents and staff at ward 66 agree that this would be a great shame for the ward to close. My son's life has been saved on several occasions thanks to the staff and the knowledge they have of my son and this is why I feel ward 66 of the Southern General Hospital should be saved from Closure.

I am asking people to sign a petition to stop the closure and movement of Ward 66 Neuro ward at the Southern General Hospital.

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