#City & Town Planning
Waverley Council and NSW State Government

Concept plans for the redevelopment of War Memorial Hospital describe a vertiginous landscape of large flat roofed residential apartment buildings ranging from four to seven storeys.
Removal of the mature trees and much of the garden layout of the western half of the site are proposed.
The former Edina apartments are to be demolished and the elderly residents evicted.
The flat buildings are not for supervised aged care. They are described as 55+ residential apartments. With this change we will lose the aged care core values of the site.
The gardens and grounds are an important component of the recuperative treatments of patients at the hospital and in aged care facilities.

We the undersigned call upon Waverley Councillors, Minister Rob Stokes, Minister Don Harwin and David Shoebridge MP to ensure that any redevelopment of the War Memorial Hospital site should
# enforce a maximum of four storeys for any new buildings
# conserve mature trees, gardens and heritage fencing
# stipulate residential accommodation should be managed living apartments for the elderly
# ensure the hospital remain as a respite care and rehabilitation health facility, as well as aged care

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