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Professor Bruce Dowton Vice Chancellor Macquarie University

Macquarie Univeristy is closing down a vital service for students and staff with disabilities. Formed in 2004, Macquarie University Accessibility Service (MQAS) provides employment for staff with disabilities and a unique supportive service for students with a range of sensory, physical and learning disabilities.

The CPSU asks you to support students and staff with disabilities by signing the petition and seeking the ongoing full services offered by MQAS to continue.

Dear Professor Dowton

We the undersigned Macquarie University students, staff employed by Macquarie University, and concerned citizens, call for the University to ensure the full service provided by Macquarie University Accessibility Service (MQAS) for students and staff with disabilities remains intact. The proposed closure of this vital service must stop immediately.

Until now Macquarie University has been a proud leader for staff and students in the provision of employment and supportive services for students and staff with access disabilities

The axing of MQAS denies a fundamental human right to equality of access to information.

The proposed closure of MQAS, goes against community thinking.

The existence of MQAS has allowed Macquarie University to move beyond the “raising awareness of disability” phase to “acceptance of disability in the community”.

The University has placed financial considerations ahead of social justice.

The closure of MQAS will result in job losses for continuing and casual staff – some of whom have significant disabilities.

The lack of access will negatively impact students with disabilities and deny their chances of academic success and meaningful employment in an information-rich society.

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