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VISIT FLORIDA is the voice of the tourism community in Florida, and as such, is a vital communication tool for small business owners throughout the State of Florida. VISIT FLORIDA gives small business and sole proprietors an opportunity to share their talents as local guides, restaurateurs, adventurers and community volunteers to name a few, with all contributing to the rich fabric of Florida's tourism landscape. VISIT FLORIDA promotes these businesses through its collateral media channels within social media, television and print communications. Without VISIT FLORIDA, local businesses would not otherwise have an opportunity to let the world know about their talents and services on a global scale. VISIT FLORIDA works with other tourism agencies throughout the State with Co-Op programs that also support local tourism efforts by combining media campaigns that would not otherwise come to fruition without their leadership.

We, the undersigned, call on the Florida Legislature to keep VISIT FLORIDA as a vital agency for the promotion of tourism within the State of Florida by supporting Florida's small business owners through large scale marketing and global communication efforts. The amount of dollars that VISIT FLORIDA dedicates to the promotion Florida businesses has always had a positive "return on investment", creates jobs and is an important component of the Florida economy.

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