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State Government of VICTORIA

We the undersigned feel that disbanding the police bands due to cost cuts is not in best interest of the State of Victoria.

The police bands are the eyes & ears of all Victorians. These bands travel to all corners of the state promoting & reinforcing safety messages.

Dear Facebook friends,

I urge you to please sign this petition to stop the Victorian Government disbanding the very popular Victoria Police Bands.

The Goverment reason is a cost cutting exercise; As usual the Government have got it all wrong by cutting cost in all the wrong places. For those friends who have never seen or heard any of the three bands, you are missing true professionalism from each and every one of these musicians of the highest standard.

Please sign & pass on to all your friends. Before long it will have reached all corners of the globe, and rightly so.

OUR police bands are known world wide and the Pipe band are the only band from Australia to have won the highest accolade in the pipe band world... WORLD CHAMPIONS.

Thank you all in anticipation.

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