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Saving Vermont's natural beauty from commercial wind towers.

This petition is to ask all who read it and agree, to sign it, spread the word, and attend the meetings if possble. Petitions will also be located in stores for signing.

Please act on the opportunity to let state and local officials know your thoughts before it's too late. Upcoming meetings: 11/29/05 - Westmore Selectboard Meeting, 6PM -A good time to make your thoughts known to our town officials. 12/06/05 NVDA Regional Plan Approval, 2nd meeting, Lyndonville, place TBA - a good time to voice your opinion on the new update.

Please spread the word. Thank you.
For more info contact big_dot2@webtv.net

We, the undersigned, petition to halt the three different commercial wind developers' proposals to erect industrial scale wind turbines on Vermont's high elevation ridgelines in the Northeast Kingdom.

The tourist economy in Westmore and 20 other towns affected depend on their natural beauty to draw visitors and we want the ridgelines protected for our own pleasure as well.

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