Lake Macquarie City Council

An urgent appeal to all residents of Lake Macquarie.

On April 14th 2020 the Lake Macquarie City Council were set to vote on whether or not to take over the Valentine Hydrotherapy Pool. Due to the COVID-19 situation this meeting has been deferred but Council will still be voting on this in the near future. We believe this vote will now be held on July 13th 2020.

The Pool is currently being run by a registered charity but unfortunately the upkeep of the centre is becoming unmanageable and they require support from the Council. Without this support from Council the pool faces possible closure within the next 12 months. Ideally this would involve the Council taking over the facility while still enabling all existing services to continue.

Valentine Swim School is a family business which has a proud history of over 23 years of improving water safety and providing quality, affordable service to residents of Lake Macquarie and beyond.

Valentine Swim School offers quality instruction including Water Confidence, Water Safety, Learn to Swim, Stroke Correction, Squad Training, Aqua fitness and Outdoor Group Fitness. We offer essential services to all ages including babies, children, adults, elderly, disabled, injured, swim club and school groups so are therefore hugely concerned at the possible closure of Valentine Hydro Pools.

As a much loved business in the area Valentine Swim School is in desperate need of your support. The closure of the pool would see the end of not only this essential facility within our community but the closure of the Valentine Swim School which has proudly taught many generations of children to swim.

Please help save the Valentine Swim School by signing our petition.

We, the undersigned call on the Lake Macquarie Council to provide the necessary support required to keep the Valentine Hydrotherapy Pools open and therefore allow the Valentine Swim School (a local, family business) to continue its successful provision of services to children and others in the region.

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