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I have watched tremors for a long time, and I was thrilled when sci-fi made a tv show about it. But after only making 13 episodes they canceled it even though it had great ratings from the viewers, but they still canceled it. There are alot of people who watched the show and was upset when Sci-fi took it off the air. Tremors the series was a family show that did not have strong cussing, sexual content, nudity, or homosexuals. Why prouducer's think they need to add those horrible things to there shows to get people to watch them is beyond me.
On sci-fi.com in the tremors the series board
you will see many people pleading for tremors to be brought back. I am one of them trying hard to save my favorite show.
In closing I would like to say:
I use to love Sci-fi. I watched it everyday, but then they took the one thing I looked forward to every week away and know after the last week that they showed it I'm boycotting it. They show all these special movies that are nothing more then take offs of other shows, but tremors was orignal program that was great to watch.
Please Help to save this awsome show. Please sign my Petition.
Sign, Thewerewolf.

Save Tremors the series. The only good show on sci-fi.

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