#Animal Welfare
to the owner of the rabbit

Stop this woman from Belgium who has the intention to eat her cute bunny on Easter Sunday 2018. She is asking money 1.000.000 $ !!! to save her rabbit from the butcher, otherwise she will cook and eat this bunny next year.
I believe that a rabbit is more than just a thing to be used and exploited as this woman wishes. I believe that this bunny should be treated with love and care and that she has no right to cook and eat this rabbit

With your help we can save this rabbit from her butcher. That's why I contacted her by mail and she agrees if i can collect 1.000.000 signatures on the petition she will cancel her intention to eat this rabbit. I think she is only looking for fame. So time has come to react now. This is really a sick mind. It's really disgusting

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The Save Thumper this little bunny petition to to the owner of the rabbit was written by Nancy and is in the category Animal Welfare at GoPetition.