#Animal Rights
Iowa State goverments, Muscatine city goverments
United States of America

A horse here in Muscatine, Iowa, residing at 3498 18oth. St. (out near WildCat Den) is being neglected. His hooves have been allowed to grow out to extreme lengths and one has broken off, causing more problems. He is also very skinny and unkept looking, and is unable to move from where he is standing. His other two pasture mates look fine. He is an older gelding, and about 15hh. He needs our help! It dosen't matter who signs this, as long as we get signatures! This horse needs help! He shouldn't have to finish his life off this way. Please sign- the horse will thank you!

We petition that this horse be medically cared for and if needed, moved to a safe and loving home.

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