#Animal Welfare
Metropolitian Department of Codes Administration
United States of America

The TN Department of Codes has cited me for having farm animals in an area not zoned for farm animals.

They stated however that I could keep two. Pot bellied pigs are considered pets and NOT farm animals according Metro Code § 39-14-201.(See Below)


As used in this part, unless the context otherwise requires:

(1) "Animal" means a domesticated living creature or a wild creature previously captured;

(2) "Livestock" means all equine as well as animals which are being raised primarily for use as food or fiber for human utilization or consumption including, but not limited to, cattle, sheep, swine, goats, and poultry;

(3) "Non-livestock animal" means a pet normally maintained in or near the household or households of its owner or owners, other domesticated animal, previously captured wildlife, an exotic animal, or any other pet, including but not limited to, pet rabbits, a pet chick, duck, or pot bellied pig that is not classified as "livestock" pursuant to this part.

By signing this petition we believe it would be cruel and unjust to remove the pet potbellied pigs from 600 Bel Air Drive in Nashville, TN.

These pigs do not disturb anyone nor are they a nuisance in the neighborhood. Many of these pigs were rescued from abusive situations, and they have finally come to a loving home where they receive excellent care. Potbellied pigs are considered pets and not farm hogs or swine.

They are not raised for food and are considered to be members of a family. Forcing these pigs out of their home would be inhumane.

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