#Human Rights
The Knesset (Israel's parliament)

In India over 50 million women have been killed simply for being conceived female in the last 3 generations.

Currently no government has strongly condemned India for allowing this genocide to occur. India has laws on the books against female genocide but dose not enforce them.

India is now the #1 customer for Israeli military technology despite the fact that the Israelis are themselves the children of genocide survivors.

My belief is that the Knesset (Israel's parliament) simply does not know about the Indian holocaust and can be lobbied to stop the sales of weapons to India until India enforces its own laws on this issue.

Because India is in a low level war with both Pakistan and China an arms embargo would scare India into taking action.
for more information see http://genderbytes.wordpress.com/ and http://50millionmissing.wordpress.com/
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Sign to support an Israeli arms embargo against India to end the genocide of women and girls there.

Save the women of India.

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