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For many years Walmart has proposed to excavate and construct a 240,000+ sq.ft Walmart Superstore. They're not only destroying our agricultural lands they're desecrating our American Heritage and History.

All the way back to 1864 during the American Civil War Union and Confederate Soldiers fought and died for what they believed should be the future of America. Now they lie in the grounds of this battlefield but if Walmart builds this store they would most likely be digging up our Soldiers. Do you know how dishonorabe and inconsiderate this is to the men who perished for their country?

Sign my petition to send to Michael Duke CEO of Walmart and express your anger and encourage historic preservational efforts to preserve these pieces of history.

Hurry! Construction begins in 1 year.

We the undersigned, of the World do now call upon Walmart to end its building of Stores on Farmland, Forest, and Historic parts of American History.

We the people must preserve, protect, and defend our history forever from commercial and industrial development.

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